Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A film that I wrote

Throughout the MA screenwriting course, we are encouraged to write scripts for our colleagues studying on the MA Directing course.

The short film below is a result of one such collaboration - I wrote the script, and the Director Neal Hartman was then saddled with it.

The brief was '3 minutes, 2 actors, split location, using props, no special effects, no budget'

Aria Carità -

I thought it would also be interesting to link to the various drafts because, as you can see, the eventual shooting script was very different to the first draft.

The differences are partly to do with location/time limitations, and thematically the piece altered as the Director gave feedback regarding his understanding of the original characters, and later, the actors' understanding of them.

Click to read pdfs of each
First draft - using the brief above.

Revised 19th Feb 2010
- included lots more dialogue to reveal more about the characters, even though the Director knew he probably wouldn't use most of it.

Revised 27th Feb 2010
- fine-tuning a version that myself and the Director were happy with - but still including aspects too ambitious for the limitations.

Shooting script - after a day of rehearsals with the actors, incorporating their suggestions, and trimming to the bare bone of what needed to be shot.

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