Friday, 9 April 2010

Danny the Whisk

Here's another new screenplay, a teen romance/comedy called - read it here: Danny the Whisk, or head to and it's there in the Scripts section.

Danny the Whisk is the painfully shy singer in Punk band Septic Tracy, he needs to find some charisma pronto, because in two weeks time Septic Tracy are going to be on T.V battling the absurdly pompous Electro band The Electric Shepherds. Could the band's new bassist Pearl be the girl to coax Danny out of his cocoon?

This is my first complete, assessed script for the MA. The brief was for a 10-15 page script for a short film.

I was tweaking this right up until the deadline, and even now I can see things to change, for instance I was struggling with the swearing, is it needed? I thought so, for realism, then I was recalling other such films and t.v programs that don't use swearing at all. I actually don't think the tone suits the instances of swearing, though they are few.

Anyway, nothing is ever really finished - especially scripts - there will always be collaboration. Overall, I like the finished result - I think it could easily be extended into a feature - it'd be find to write some real Punk songs for it too! We live in the cracks between the cracks between the cracks between the cracks...

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