Sunday, 1 August 2010

I'm a gig promoter now you know...

Rich and I managed to pilot the first Cherry Ekko gig through its choppy course on Wednesday - we were definitely on a steep learning curve, and the ups and downs of the night certainly reflected this! Overall though A SUCCESS! We were one person off breaking even (yes, that was you, if you didn't come).

Many many thanks to all those who came out and gave the night a good vibe, and huge thanks also to Hermione, Glenn Hodge, and Aquilina for their sets.

Things we learned: Live streaming needs to be checked (anybody up for being a home clubber and sitting at home giving us reports on how it's coming through?) / sound engineers are geniuses / we need to do a lot more promo for the next gig.

Here's a link to download a sound board quality live album of Aquilina's set from the gig FREE LIVE ALBUM OF AQUILINA'S SET

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