Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Seams Of The World

The Seams Of The World is a film I've co-written with Director Oscar Nino. It will start filming next month.

In the world of this film, everybody is a reflection of various fragments of themselves. Wicked and good, pure and depraved – the sum of your parts are projected and paraded in front of you in the form of the people around you. The film follows a young runaway, wannabe designer, called Hannah, as she gets closer to realising the truth about her world.

Among others, this film explores ideas found in the biblical prodigal son story, the Harlot's Progress, a series of 17th Century etchings by William Hogarth, and ideas laid out by Gary Renard in his book 'The Disappearance of the Universe'.

Please take a look at the website at . I'll keep this blog updated with the film's progress, and before very long you'll be able the watch the finished film. I'll upload the script soon too. The website provides the opportunity to make a donation towards the budget of the film, I believe contributors will gain a producer's credit.

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