Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ke11y_cute - Psych cyber-horror

Click HERE to watch ke11y_cute on Vimeo | password: kelly

ke11y_cute from yeesien on Vimeo.


I'm not a fan of Halloween in the slightest (don't get me started on parents teaching kids it's ok to terrorise the neighbourhood for selfish gain), so it's a complete coincidence that I'm presenting you with this unsettling slice of disturbia just a few days from the supposedly most evil day of the year...

The film was expertly directed by Ang Yee Sien, whose other films you can see on the Vimeo channel above. The collaboration was enjoyable, I wrote the first draft on the plane to Brasil in May, and my holiday was peppered with re-writes because Yee Sien was on a tight deadline with the shooting days already arranged.

Ke11y_cute was, shockingly, inspired by events in the real world, which you can read about here

My script is on my website here: Ke11y_Cute script

Enjoy. ( the password is: kelly )


  1. Thanks Stephan! Glad you enjoyed it. I think the tone is similar to the 'what's your name!' film we made in the lift. Ha ha

  2. That´s exactly what I thought. We should make a sequel! You write the script and I come over to London to get it filmed. :D