Sunday, 5 June 2011

Deep Fried Film Festival screening

On Friday August 19th, hot on the heels of its well received debut screening in London in January, my Psych Cyber-horror Ke11y_Cute directed by Ang Yee Sien is heading north of the border for a screening at The Deep Fried Film Festival. I have to tell you, it looks great on a big screen, but it's not for the faint hearted!

The venue is the Conforti Institue in Coatbridge, near Glasgow (where everything is deep fried), and of course, at the same time, just a thirty minute train ride away in Edinburgh, Lost In Mozart will be on stage at the Fringe (every day except Sunday).

Now, to me, that sounds like a fantastic opportunity for a Scottish weekend away - and if you head over to our WeFund page, you can even find out how to get a bed in Edinburgh for the night, tickets to the show, and a host of other sparkly Lost In Mozart goodies!

And while we're talking about Lost In Mozart, keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news within the next few days regarding the soundtrack!

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